Total Mall, Bangalore hoax (?)

coffee_compAbout one and a half weeks back I went to Total Mall (Murgesh Palya, Bangalore) with my wife and sister (a very rare occasion as we are skeptic about mall culture). We did a little stray shopping and I paid using my credit card. Last Friday I received a call and a lady informed that my number has been selected for a lucky draw as I have done shopping at Total Mall. She also wanted to know whether I am married or not. Today noon I received a call from a Bangalore number and the guy said that my number has won the draw and I am entitled to win a prize worth INR 30K consisting of 3 items – 1. a holiday accommodation voucher worth 25K INR, 2. a one day privilege pass and 3. a kitchen set. He confirmed once again that I am married and then requested me to reach a location at Outer Ring Road beside the Intel office to take the prize by 19:30 today. He also gave me his number and sent an SMS with the same details from another number. As it was not possible for my wife to go today I called up the guy after sometime and asked him if it’s OK for me to go alone with any document proof that I am married. He said that I must go with my wife or alternatively some other couple can also go on my behalf and collect the gifts. I was doubtful when he said this. He called me once again around 16:20 in the afternoon and asked me if I could find any couple. I was very suspicious by then. I searched Google and found that there are other instances of similar schemes and people were convinced to pay some amount for trips they never enjoyed or lifetime free Country Club cards in the name of Total Mall, Garuda Mall lucky draw etc.

I suspect that Total Mall has leaked my information to third party and they in turn are arranging all these stunts on unsuspecting people. This is exposure of confidential information without consent and definitely punishable under law.

Next time you reveal your details in a shopping mall please think twice. However glamorous they may look it’s all about business without any value.

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  1. Thanks a lot for this useful information. We went to the same mall and got a similar call but found this link thankfully.

    _ Ritesh

    1. Today we also received similar call from the land line number 32568560 calling us to collect the similar kind of gift worth of 30 K or some kind trips voucher etc near intel office located at Ballendur on Marathalli outer ring Road by 8 pm evening….I was confused a bit…but after knowing the same I could understand the whole game….thanx for this useful information


    2. It is totally bogus…there is no gift waiting for anybody…I urge nobody should go and become a fool…they are only promoting their business showing biscuits to us as it is shown to DOGS…..This is real experience of my colleagues also…. hence forth let no soul get cheated by such temtptations……!!!!

      1. Even i too got a same call regarding 25 k holiday coupens, kitchen set and some other gift from a bangalore number. they asked me to come with a couple for sure, i was feeling bad as i am single and the gift slips away as they don’t consider for singles. but after reading your experience, i am strong enough to think now that they were fake and we should beleive such calls.

  2. i got a call from sama from 08049117921 and i got a message from her mobile # 8792616700 with same details what arun said in the blog. Wondering what to do next ?

  3. I too received a call from 080-49117904 and asked me and my wife to come to a place in ITPL Main Road, Kundalahalli to collect the same set of gifts mentioned by Arun… What next ? after reading all this stuff – I’m not going there for sure… Thnx…

  4. Even I received a call today from a person named Raj. Asked me to come near kundanalli, opposite to Hypercity mall… The comments here were helpful. I am not going..

  5. Got calls along similar lines, interestingly I have never dropped any lucky dip card in Total Mall!

    Here’s the text of the SMS I received after the phone calls:
    EW ARCADE, no.4O.1st floor.6th main Road.3rd phase.J.P.Nagar
    We r verry happy to inviting ur family. enjoy 45 minute program and collect your gifts


    1. Today afternoon I also received same call. This time these guys are taking reference of “Central mall and Big bazar”. This time prize is 25K valued Kitchen Items only . No gift vouchers .But I cannot believe this. Better to avoid this.

  6. What is so difficult to go and collect your gift. I think to teach these people a lesson we all should go and get the gift and never ever sign for any deal. then only these people will realize the loss. lets spread the word

      1. Yes you can… they will give some kitchen sets, which are good.. Ppl there are so convincing, but we rejected the offer.. They also said if,we pay 50% of the amount country club will also give a villa plot in hosur road just for 5 lacks… This was way too much to believe and thr were couples who signed for this offer… Poor ppl… and they will tell,u, once u leave the room you cannot come back to avail the offer…. So We collected our gift and walked out.. n after few days got similar call from country club. We searched online n got to know that they r cheating ppl..

  7. This one is very useful information. I also received the similar call today. After reading this i am not going. What is the common point here is every time it is wife who wins the prize. are they really good guys? i dont think they are. In fact in the address they are giving some far places of the city. Very suspicious i am not going.

  8. I got a call today morning from the number +918049117928. The lady introduced herself as Pallavi, and told me that I have won a lucky draw and I am entitled to win the same three gifts that you mentioned. She asked me to come with my wife to a mall at Kundanahalli gate, near Marathahalli, between 3PM and 7PM.

    I felt a bit suspicious about this and did an internet search and came across your blog. And now I decided not to go. I thank you for posting this.

    1. Got call from +918049118104. I filled some lucky draw coupon in Total mall ( Mahadevapura ) last week. The person called told that I won these prizes for that. Same location to collect the gifts – Kundanahalli gate. Next visit to the Mahadevapura Total mall I will speak to the Manager. Thanks all for saving our time.

  9. Thanks so much for sharing. We just got a call too… from someone called Honey from 8792750354. They followed the script to the tee. This is a crime right? Can’t we do something about this? I am sure we can make a complaint somewhere.

    1. I guess one can complain because of intentional leakage of confidential information… but it will be difficult to prove from where it was leaked.

  10. i too got a call now saying that i have won gifts worth 38 k and all the above mentioned 3 prizes and told me to collect the prize from near intel office Bellandur ORR. I had filled a lucky draw coupon in total mall. He insisted on coming as a couple in the afternoon…the no was 08032560014 and the person calling identified himself as raju

  11. Guys, I too got a call today from a guy called Chandan and the same gift and same conditions..these people are trying to make a fool out of us. Total mall has to act on it and refrain from leaking the customer info to these cheapo cheaters

  12. As Arun Told “Nothing comes free nowadays!”, and even i got a call from Aravind claming to be from Totatl Mall Head office, Thanks for the post, Even i am not going ….

    1. Even i got a call today …. and this is 2nd time…. last year when we got a call , we were about to go but luckily we saw this blog…. and today in the call i was aboutt to warn them not to make such calls…. i think we should complain abt these ppl….

    1. Not sure. Technically they are offering you something. You have the option to take it or not. They aren’t forcing anything on you.
      But I think one can do something about the confidential information exposure.

  13. I got the call again today saying I have won and can collect a gift coupon worth 38k and also several other offers such as travel to a holiday destination, a day in five start hotel etc…etc…
    And I have to go with family. I told him my family is not here. He then said I can come with any other couple make the entry and collect the prize. Location: A convention center near new horizon college near ORR. I asked him, why such a big business owner as Total is running the function in a convention center. He was unsure, instead, kept saying that there are 10 families coming to tomorrow at 12.20 noon…Having read this blog two days back, I knew what to expect. And everything was on the same lines…
    I have better things to do, to worry about, so not joining..
    The call was from 08032560020

  14. Even i got a call today from 08032560015 saying he is calling from total mall and has won a gift price of 30K and has asked to come with family for it. I am not going…thanks for the blog.

  15. I got the call form same number given above (08032560015). These guys tell the same stuff ditto. Useless, time wasting cunning chaps. Some thing should be done abt this.

    1. I got the same call from the person name Sidharth. Whole story was same. I felt suspecious that time itself . When I ask him the reason of this prize, he mentioned me the anniversary of Total Mall. I thought how someone can give 30K gift for paying nothing. Then I googled for Total Mall anniversary & came across this discussion. Thaks to all for sharing this.

  16. I got the call from the person (08032560014)/9591456424 name Raju.the guy said that my number has won the draw and I am entitled to win a prize worth INR 30K consisting of 3 items – 1. a holiday accommodation voucher worth 25K INR, 2. a one day privilege pass and 3. a kitchen set. He confirmed once again .Fraud boys are calling….Dont’ go…Be Cautious….

  17. LOL! Same thing happened to me today …Same story word to word. I was about to ask my parents to go, but they insisted its fake. The lady spoke so convincingly and said” Sir, if u are thinking this is fake, i ll give u some contact number etc.. u need not pay any money from ur side :O . I got suspicious. Now i googled and found the blog. Useful one . Ppl just be careful. Thanks 🙂

  18. Thank you very much Arun to publish this useful information. Today I got the similar call from 08049046523 and the caller introduced as Shruti. Now I have decided to ignore this.


  19. Hi all, Thanks for the postings.. I knew about such Bogus years before. But last week got a call from a lady confirming my name and number. Yesterday i recieved a call( from Pallavi) telling i have won Prize. She was convincing, but later understood about this marketing from all the blogs and posts.. so i rejected.. IT IS EVIDENT THAT SOME ONE IS CONTINUOUSLY CALLING YOU TO GIVE YOUR GIFT— PURELY MARKETING… Instead of wasting your time and petrol ya money go to chickpet and buy those products.. he he..
    If some 1 is so interested then Ask some genuine questions to them; their company website, who is promoting, will there be meetings,,is it country club ya some holiday packages etc…
    Buddies don waste your time… thanks for the post which helps a lot of people.. 🙂

  20. Thanks for this alerting information!!
    I got a call from the number +91 80 32560016 on Thursday from one Mr.Hari that I won a prize worth 30K in a lucky draw. When I read through this blog, I was startled to find the prize details exactly same… one dinner set, one holiday voucher and one dinner voucher in a 5star hotel .. They told me to come to some VM convention center near ORR to collect it . Believing them (who would not, when somebody says you won a prize!!) I told them I would see them on Saturday.
    Later when I came home, I felt something fishy since I had not been to any total mall off late.. I remember that I had given my number and name for some lucky draw contest in Big bazaar. I think my number had been leaked out to these scoundrels from them. People plz be aware NOT to give ur personal details to any such contests.. Thanks to this blog, when I realized, I was not the only lucky person to be fooled:).
    When they called me again on Saturday to come and collect the prize, I simply questioned on who sponsors them, what website they have, why many people have complaints against them on the internet, etc etc.. for which they dint have any answer.. Looks like they are having marketing strategy of 1960’s in this internet age..DUMB ASSES.. I told them to keep the prize with themselves…
    People.. plz be aware nothing comes FREE in this world !!!

  21. I got this same call a few minutes go. I think morons in the Total Mall parking lot got me into this mess. Losers.

  22. Thanks for the information , we also recived call frm Kavitha , said the same stories listed above , They are literally forcing saying that some Total Anual day function is there for today . I have to be with my wife to collect 30k worth of gift .

  23. Hi All,

    I have also received the same drama scenes yesterday… but my mall is ORION mall yeswantpur. And price would be distributed from some other strange building near new BEL road opposite to KFC. I have replied him that if you could take this much struggle to give us price worth 30k, then kindly spend some 200 rupees more and courier the same to me… Now am waiting for their reply…They are the people who always need some married couples to carry with us since I am single. I am not getting this logic !!

  24. Guys, I too got similar call from Total Mall..not sure what to do!! Reading the posts I am really having second thought now. As new to B’lore I am not sure if they are fale or real!!

  25. Got a similar call from numbers 8032568562 and 8060505023. The guy (he called himself Babu Reddy) asked me to come to SM Conventional, next to Intel Company, Marathalli to collect the gift. i visited Bangalore Central mall a few days ago where I filled up a lucky draw coupon. I am sure they got my number and details from there.

    I was initially interested in the offer, but then i googled it up and came across this blog. I have decided to not to go.

  26. Hi,

    I got a call today from same number 8040916392.

    They told me you and your wife has came and done some shopping.

    So you won a lucky draw and some gifts will be given to you.

    FIrst, I am not married, even i dont have GF.

    SO they are taking about.

    We IT people has created problem from ourselevers.

    Best of luck guys..


  27. Thanks so much for this post. Today we received call from: 080-65332688. Person identified as Leema. Asked us to come near some SV towers near Forum Mall Koramangala. Same story word by word. Beware.

  28. Guys I got a call yesterday stating that I had won some gift from number 09035542687. the person identified himself as Santosh Reddy. And I received a text message with the address of the venue as already said by a person above:

    ” EW ARCADE, no.4O.1st floor.6th main Road.3rd phase.J.P.Nagar NEAR BANGALORE CENTRAL AND BIG BAZAAR landmark jayadeva hospital flyover next kabab magic hotel.opp to ganesha temple.We r verry happy to inviting ur family. enjoy the 45 minute program and collect your gifts. For the gift from your side there is no need to pay even single’s absolutely free of cost. Regards= Santosh reddy”

    This is non sense. Where is Bangalore Central and where is Jayadeva flyover. Please beware guys !!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Even I did receive a similar cal today from a guy called Prakash, 7829051938.

      Same EW Arcade address given…I have gone through above posts, just wanted to check if anyone went to the venue and checked for the free gifts? What kind of gifts are these? I think most of us did not bother to waste out time and go there.

      However when one of my friends received a similar call , he went there,didnt fell in trap for any offers that they were trying to sell and finally collected some random kitchen gift and came back.

      So I m thinking even I might try ot drop in and check for free gifts(worth 25k).. 🙂 As this destination is close to my place.

  29. Thank you so much for the post for making me aware of this today i got a call back to come and collect the gift when i started inquiring their sponsor and the flaw in address they were speaking non sense and finally said they had cancelled my gift.


  30. Just now, I too received a call from the same number 08049046523, inviting with the similar dialogue…..

  31. Got a similar call today from a guy named Syed (mobile no : 7204281767.)..he called me twice from 08060505020….these guys r all fake..just doing time pass….making our lives hell…don’;t even listen to them…it’s again another marketing gimmick..they think people r fool..

    1. I got the same call today (3rd aug 2013) from a Praveen. This blog has helped me decide fast…thanks for starting off this discussion.

  32. I got a call yesterday(3rd August) from Pooja – 08040994577. She informed I won a lucky draw as part of Garuda-Mantri draw. I knew at this instance, it was bogus since I never used my cards in those two malls for shopping & how come I have won?
    Here the thing, they knew my full name & asked whether I am married or not. When they spelled my name with initials in middle name I knew it is from the card that I use in petrol pump & for online mobile recharge.
    Anyway I just agreed to collect the gift but turn up there.

  33. Hi
    I too got a call from number 80-32560011. and he called with my surname and told me about total shopping mall asking you have own the lucky draw, how is it possible even i am not filled up any lucky coupon. He asked me about the same lucky draw prize, 1. a holiday accommodation voucher worth 25K INR, 2. a one day privilege pass and 3. a kitchen set. and told me to come to TM conversional hall near Intel office outer ring road near new horizon engineering college. and also told to come with wife.
    Thanks to this forum as i will not go and scold him next time he calls.

  34. Just now I got a call from a number +91 7411450397 (Bangalore – Docomo – GSM), person named Vishnu Vardhan Reddy spoke to me. informed me that the function is between 2.30 PM to 6.30 PM and it is only for 45 Min. Same story as from Big bazzar you won the gift of 25K. Out of 1 Lac people, you got selected etc., story. Finally when I told him firmly that my wife can’t come, he disconnected the call. He was telling some one on the other end before disconnecting the call, “this person is not useful”, which I heard clearly. So it is obvious that this is FAKE…
    Friends BE AWARE… Nothing comes free of cost to any one in this World….

  35. I had also recieved a similar call twice yesterday from 8123955676 and today 8123810143. When I said, I am busy for today, the call was immediately disconnected..

  36. Just got a call on similar lines today. I too was asked to come along with my spouse to claim the gifts. I googled and happy to find this blog here. They said they are calling fromTotal Mall but invited me to meet them at TM Convention Hall………..His name was Ranjith. I guess these guys get comission for getting people……For sure I am not attending

    1. I too got a call saying that I won Rs 30000 worth gifts. I don’t feel it is genuine as I did not shop from any of the outlets the caller mentioned for at least an year. As everybody else I am also ignoring the call. Thanks for the blog.

  37. I also got call from Aurang 080-50112181/8050112181 and also from Harish/Shilpa on 8892295396. The worst part is they never tell that this is for Country vacation as it has very bad name in the market. So, they will tell Total mall or something else name. The address also very fabricated one. They will give the road or street or site survey address. They will never give country vacation name. The gifts are useless. Dinner set worth Rs 100/- which you might end of spending petrol of Rs 300/ – minimum. Club one day passes are useless. Vacation passes are no use as you have to pay Rs 4000/- to avail vacation. Beware of these as country vacation and country club, both are big time cheaters. They have very bad name in the market. Their sales team is also not using their company name while marketing as they suspect people won’t come to collect gift if they use country vacation. I am sure the way country vacation is cheating people, they are losing their reputation. They should do honest marketing, rather putting hat on top of innocent people. Please ignore all these calls as I suffered by my experience.

  38. Yes even i got the call@(08060505022, 08060505024 & 08032560016 on 8th sep2013 , but after seeing this review i decided not to go.

  39. 08060505020 – i too got call from this number, the person who called wsa Rajesh reddy, he invited me to Convention hall and said the same old story that u r luck one and won gifts worth 30K, dinner set, holiday stay in 5 star and trip to various locations blah blah.. useless ppl.

  40. evn i got a call from anumber 08032560015 he was lyk u hav won a gift of worth rs 30000 and u shld cum to total mall at 4:00 pm…bt it was a prank

    1. I just got a call from number 8060505022, stating they are from total mall and I have won the gift , same old story like below. I got doubt about this call, and I goggled and found this blog. Thanks for the information my dear friends , You have saved my time and efforts. Thank you very much for all your responses.

  41. Today by 20.30 I got a call from 8032560020. His name was Sai venkatesh. He told that I was selected in a Mall lucky draw. Prizes worth 30k…same explanations…………and that i need to go to TM convention centre near to New Horizon Engg College…… The way he replied to whatever i asked was doubtful.
    So i thought of Googling details of such lucky draw. Thank God, I found this blog.

    The funniest part is that I called this guy from another number and told him that I got a call from him sometime back and my name is Viswa (Not my actual name). He immediately said that he called to inform me about the prize. I asked him whether he saw my name in the list. He said that my name (even he spelled V-i-s-w-a) was there in the list and that’s why he called me. I told him that I will be coming tomorrow itself to get the prizes…………..

    These people are FAKE!!!!!!! BEWARE OF SUCH CALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. What is the TRP that Total Mall has introduced? The moment you take your groceries at the billing counter, the routine question that you are asked is whether you have TRP. Is this discount special for such TRP holders or just a gimmick?

  43. Today, Oct 28, 2013, I got a call this afternoon from one Mr. Aurang, stating the same story about me being selected through my recent purchase at Total Mall, and about the 3 gifts I had won and that I should go with my wife today at 6:30pm at TM Convention center, Marathahalli – Bangalore. Being the suspicious me, I searched the web and found this blog after which I straight away called Total Mall’s direct line to confirm this, and of course they said that it was a “FAKE CAMPAIGN”, and they also mentioned that a lot of customers were calling them about this same call. Well, I had to give these “fake callers” a dose of their own medicine. I called this Mr. Aurang back and told him that he messed with the wrong person and I am filing a police complaint against him for Fraud and misrepresentation of a reputed company – Total Mall. This guy sounded a bit scared after my stern conversation with him and didn’t even know what to say. TOTALLY FAKE……please don’t waste your time going to this convention center…….they are probably gonna force you into signing up for some Holiday Time-share scheme or some moronic offers.

  44. I received same call on today …This forum helps me in avoiding taking further calls from these cheaters with name of BANGALORE TOTAL ..I think it’s better to inform to total to take action on these guys.

  45. I got the call today. same story. anyone complaint to police? They are doing this even after a year. that means they have been successful in getting money from some people.

  46. 8032560016 is the no. I got call from and exactly same offers were given to me. Being skeptical I wanted to check online on this , thanks that I got this discussion that saved my time . BE Ware. The details claimed by him wa given by me in bigbazaar mall, sorry about future group.

  47. We received this call from Pradeep- 8032560015 and a message-8095935057 stating that we have received 3 prizes and we have to collect it at 12 Noon from TM convention hall, next to new Horizon college. I was assured it was not a sales campaign and no money has to be parted by us. I almost got ready to go there and when I browsed the net to check it out. Thanks a lot for posting and saving a lot of my time. When this guy calls me I am going to give him a piece of my mind. Also do not fill up any coupons or promotional offers in malls as they are used to get only info to sell products.

  48. I got a similar call today. I was wondering about the genuineness of this call. I never fill any coupons for any draws. and they were talking about 8 free gifts including a picnic to Ooty. one simple search in couple with words ” garuda mall gift draw” and I landed in this forum. WOW these guys are too good if they are fooling around with so many people. when I asked where should I come to collect the gifts, she said Garuda mall and later sent me the address via SMS. the address says 2nd floor, castle street, brigade road, Blore-25 and her name is Pooja.

    thanks guys for the information. it saved a lot of time for me.

  49. Thank you all. 🙂 i was very excited and asked my husband to take me to the location. He tried to explain to me that it is a scam for sure. But then, we wives are wives! I thought he was a negative thinker and did not believe me as a person. I insisted and he said he would take me to show that it was a fake. I told him that once during college i had a similar experience with country club and i had to go through all the briefing but i got a holiday in goa for free. (Which i gave it off to a friend). But then deep down, i thought this man must be right because he has never gone wrong in any of his judgements till date.

    So I checked online and reached here! U saved our day guys! A sumptuous meal in preparation for the best one in my life!

    Thank You All. :))

  50. Thanks a lot for the post…keep it up….today i got a call fromm 8060505023…..he mentioned his name is gautham krishnaa…. stupid pple.. i told them that i have a meeting.

  51. Hey same call i received today, they sound to be so genuine but they are not. the message they forwarded me was only suspicious. Total Mall was no where mentioned,that means they are some third party calling for making people fool.
    God knows when such cheating activities will be controlled in India!!

    People Stay alert !! Our hard earned money is in our hand, dont let it grabed by such promising deals………

  52. today even i got call from the same numbe and same stories… i thouht to go and collect with my husband. but after reading all these comments i understand if i go i waste my time..

  53. I got this call just ten minutes back. The person said ditto the same things. I got irritated when he asked me about my family income.Had gone for a shopping to Big bazaar 2 days back.Perhaps they have shared the info. But i decided to check it online since i was not convinced with the idea of “giving absolutely free”. This blog saved my time..Thank You

    BTW the call was from 08060505029.

  54. Arun – good blog overall. I landed up here due to the hoax call and overwhelmed by how many people who would not check the internet might get into this scam. A few years ago, my parents had got a call like this in Coimbatore and they had even gone to the hotel – just to realize they were asked for Rs.25000 or so to enroll in a membership. Good to see your blog is helping a lot of us! Keep up the nice work.

  55. I’m surprised, it is still making rounds. I got a call today(2-dec-2013) by a guy called Goutham Krishna mob no 9972712578 / 9353036109 with exactly same points repeated as already mentioned by others in comments. Looks like a time wasting network, beware of these guys !!!!

  56. Guys i just received this cal few minutes back.. The same goutham krishna with same irresistible gifts.. Thanks to this blog..
    Now u ll not believe me.. I m rejecting his calls but he s calling continuously and have 25 missed calls now.. Believe me he was calling continuously that he din give me few seconds also to black list his number.. I had to switch to offline mode and den black list his num

  57. Just Now received this call from this scammers

    Bangalore Police Please Legal action against them

    Anyone Visiting Metrp Yesvantpur Please Dont fill any Coupon outside Metro this scammers will make fraud offer and you will be under their Trap

  58. Also got call from this suspicious number with offers from Scammers

    Dont fill any form outside Bangalore Metro Yesvantpur

  59. Thank you for post, this saved me from getting cheated!! Name of the guy who called me is Pradeep 8095935057 his manager 08032560015. He said same 30k worth gift voucher for shopping in Total Mall, where i never shopped. When i informed him about that, he said around 5 malls have joined together to offer this gift!!!! My sincere thanks to the writer of this blog. Be aware of sharing contact numbers. Last place i remember sharing my details was at Bangalore Central, JP Nagar. As said in post think twice before giving details.

  60. Even i got the call just now saying you won the 30K prize and you have to come here with family to collect the gift.

    TM Covension hall Next new horizon engg college before Intel Company.

    Contact Raju – 9591456421
    I got call from 080 32568562

    1. Even i got the call just now saying you won the 30K prize and you have to come here with family to collect the gift.
      TM Covension hall Next new horizon engg college before Intel Company.
      Contact Raju – 9591456421
      I got call from 080 32568562

  61. Just now got a call that i have won gifts worth 30k from Total Mall,i even asked a friend to go with me as my partner promising her and her fiance travel vouchers to goa,then thought lets check online once what’s this all about and now LMAO and feeling like an idiot .

  62. Thanks for this Blog, Just now received call from person called Chandan – 0849118129, 9742662664, I suspect this is spam call, because I always think that nobody will give money just like that.

  63. I just got call for same message 8032560015 and offer details. Thanks for ths google post. A south Indian accent guy naming Rahul Sharma called from this number. All malls sholuld be punished for leaking data to 3rd party and we shpuld not get into this trap.

  64. First let me thanks person who has written blog. This is very useful. I got call today morning words being exactly same what other people have written here. I m not going.

  65. Even I received a call just a while ago! Knew this to be Fake. Once i told him i have attended such meeting. He cut my call at once.

    But I dont understand

    1. Why they insist on Couple entry only?
    2 . How will they benefit from this type of marketing?

    Will be glad if anyone can explain this to me!

    1. Even I received a call today from these guys , I don’t even remember entering any lucky draw contest . I almost believed it for a second, glad to have read this forum!!

  66. You saved me Dear! Many thanks to the blogger!
    I received a call from number 8049046509 that I have some gift coupons worth Rs 25K , Kitchen set, holiday coupon etc. I had visited Total mall and gave my mobile number to one guy there last week.
    On enquiry came to know that call came from country club.
    Country club wants to trap customers by setting up false lottery system. You would end up paying some money to them or wasting time

  67. Today morning I too got a call regarding the gift from “8032560012” & I have to go today evening to avail my ‘so called free gift’. I knew this is a fake call or now a days who is going to give you a free gift now after reading these all I am waiting for this guys call will scold him like anything. Thanks Guys good work saved my time & money.

  68. thanks everyone for ur suggestn, I too got a call today stating the same story as mentioned above.. they calld me from this numbers – 8032560015,8032560019,8032560014. But is there any one who can share his experience being there.

  69. Thanks guys! I got exactly the same kind of call today from “8032568564” telling me I have won gifts worth 30k including a kitchen article, holiday accommodation, and privilege card. I’d actually filled some lucky draw in total mall with my name and number. When I was searching for the place, I found this article!

    Thanks a lot for saving my time!

  70. Thanks for the heads-up. This is really concerning matter. I have also received similar call claiming from Total Mall to collect gift items worth 30K.
    Operating Office: SV Tower, 1st Floor, Anoos Beauty Parlour, Koramangala, Bangalore
    Person: Basvaraj (9972010298, 9591456421)

  71. First of all thanks for the blog.Day before yesterday I got call from 9663678069 this number stating that u won a lucky draw worth 25K and please visit Golden Cafe next to Intel opp to Horizon College.Even I didn’t shop in Total but this guys doing very illegal things to grab people into their net.He mentioned one more thing u shud come as couple.Friends be aware of this kind of calls.

  72. Thank you guys!!!!!!! Really the internet blog, started helping the public and save from these scam….. I informed them, only option to collect my gift is my old parents. Still that bitch send the phone number to collect the gift. Thank god i goggled it.

    1. I believe no. They will ask you to pay and register for some membership. The question however, remains on how they are collecting your shopping information or number.

  73. Just now got the call from +918049018339 saying same 30K gift for married couple from Magamart – which now called as UNLIMITED store . This is purely sales call only. So, please don’t attend.

  74. hi,
    I got a call from country club -pune that I won the prize of holiday voucher, kitchen set & spa voucher. they said it is free of cost & ask me come as couple to collect the gifts and also I asked is they charge you will ask later, they said nothing will charge but u have to attend 1 hr meeting. that’s all.

    how it is?
    anyone received the gifts?


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