Why did I choose Linux?

tux_compI am using Linux for around 13 years now starting from my final school years when I got my first PC. The first Linux based OS I installed was Red Hat Linux 6.1. The reasons behind choosing Linux for personal use were some excellent features of the Linux based Operating Systems:

  1. Free and open
    I don’t have to pay for use and if I want I can know how it works and change it as I wish.
  2. Choice
    The major Linux desktop operating systems come complete with everything from compilers to debuggers to excellent all-encompassing media players. Just install from the distro specific package manager! And on the other hand so many full-fledged or streamlined distros out there for different purposes! Just grab what you need.
  3. Software
    Some of the softwares (some of which are also ported later to other Operating Systems) are best of the lot. For example – Handbrake, MPlayer and SMPlayer combo, the powerful Terminal, vim and innumerable small utilities like grep, find etc.
  4. Flexible and hackable
    If I want to run any task when the computer resumes from suspend I can just write a small script, if I want a re-usable one-shot alarm with a customizable pop-up message I can make it in half an hour with a little help from Google, I can change my system performance by changing the type of kernel scheduler without installing any extra software.
  5. Learning
    The scope of learning and application of knowledge is much more in Linux than in any other OS because of the amount of free information and support available. Whether you like Linux or not, if you use it you will learn something.

2 thoughts on “Why did I choose Linux?”

  1. why not PC-BSD? its more free (better license)? It includes everyone in one. Its based on FreeBSD so the scope of learning is much better. etc.

    1. “its more free” from licensing terms. If I make any useful changes in a opensource utility I normally post it back to the author. So I don’t need to bother about the licenses. The freedom is same wrt. exploring and learning but different wrt. copying and distribution. With these factors remaining similar it comes to a question of personal preference. Maybe you enjoy FreeBSD as much as I enjoy Linux ;).

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