Carnivàle 2012

coffee_compI will remember Carnivàle 2012 organized by office for long. The venue was Grand Castle beside Palace Ground. The events were well-distributed this time and none of them were boring. The onset of the Annual Fest of 2011 lacked excitement due to prolonged and continuous performances by kids and some of them not being so interesting. This time the events were mixed nicely. The anthem was a new addition and was definitely a nice touch. It’s good to see the efforts of our colleagues succeed. We left the audience a bit early to finish the dinner early. Unlike last time, dinner started early this time and it was good for people with kids or who were using office transportation like us. The non-veg meal was delicious and sumptuous. Too many dishes to try out. However, justice was meted out by my empty stomach. Skipped the rice and tandooris altogether to get a taste of all the non-veg items and got stuffed soon. Desserts and ice-creams were excellent. I was afraid of getting drenched during return because of the heavy downpour that started in the evening but the rain had stopped before we got down from the office bus at 22:30 so the ending was sweet too! The bus dropped us a little far from the usual stop but a small walk with the family on the way home from a party is always so refreshing and enjoyable… loved the whole evening!!!

A small incident: During the program, suddenly my wife pointed out that a small kid (hardly able to walk) is banging on my chair from behind and calling – Papa, papa… She asked – Who is this kid calling you daddy? I tried to send the kid back to her mom but he didn’t seem to be deterred. My colleagues joined in with my wife and I was in a really awkward position. I had a hard time convincing them that I was clean ;). I even heard one of my colleagues saying – Wherever he goes, he leaves a mark behind in Hindi. Well… every dog has its bad day! 😀

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