Reduce LibreOffice memory usage

libreoffice_compIf LibreOffice is taking longer to load on your box (mine is Ubuntu 12.04), a few settings changes can make it snappier. Open LibreOffice Writer and go to Tools ▸ Options ▸ LibreOffice and try the following changes (I am using version

  1. General settings: Turn off Tips and Help Agent if you don’t need them.
  2. Memory settings: Set Number of steps to 15, Use for LibreOffice to 20 MB, Memory per object to 4 MB, Remove from memory after 00:08 minutes, Number of objects to 4. To always keep LibreOffice loaded in memory enable the QuickStarter. I omitted the last step as I don’t use office suites heavily.
  3. View settings: I just changed Icon size to small and turned off both Anti-aliasing options.
  4. Accessibility settings: Turn off Automatically detect high contrast mode… if it’s OK for you.
  5. Java settings: Disable Use Java runtime environment. Works for the version I have. Power users of LibreOffice, please read the comments below before proceeding with this step.
To disable the LibreOffice splash screen completely:

First method:

Edit the file /etc/libreoffice/sofficerc (In stock LibreOffice 4.2 /opt/libreoffice4.2/program/soffice) and change

Second method (the first method is better than this):

  1. Open /usr/lib/libreoffice/program/soffice. In stock LibreOffice 4.2 /opt/libreoffice4.2/program/soffice
  2. Find the following line (might be the last line in the file as well):
    exec $VALGRINDCHECK $STRACECHECK "$sd_prog/oosplash" "$@"
    and change to
    exec $VALGRINDCHECK $STRACECHECK "$sd_prog/oosplash" "--nologo" "$@"

Additionally I have removed some unnecessary (at least for me) buttons from Writer manually.

3 thoughts on “Reduce LibreOffice memory usage”

  1. Thanks for your tips Arun! But disabling use of Java runtime environment is not acceptable for the version I am using (Ver. 3.5), because JRE is an essential plugin for some LO functions like Mail merge in LO Writer, creating reports, queries in LO Base.

    1. You are welcome! For power users of a particular s/w it’s very much possible that each and every feature or component or dependency is required. However, I use it mostly for simple word processing and I believe most of the computer users aren’t power users of an office suite. I do not have JRE installed in my system. If a dependency is missing, a component of an otherwise working software should be able to alert the user about that, otherwise the developers should think back (for example, many browsers alert you when a plugin required for rendering a page properly is missing). It isn’t an acceptable design if a component cannot identify it’s missing dependency and alert the user, it is practical than an user tries to block something that he thinks he may never need.

      However, I have added a note in point 5 because it was too generic, thank you! 🙂

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