SliTaz: random performance tips

Here are some more performance tips for SliTaz 4.0:

1. Disable extra ttys: Edit /etc/inittab and comment out lines starting from tty2 to tty6. I guess just one enabled is sufficient for most users.

2. Disable http and firewall at boot: Most of the time you won’t need to run tazpanel once your system is up and running with all your apps and you prefer manual update check. You can disable the http daemon at startup. I have also disabled firewall. Here’s the procedure:

First, remove the /etc/init.d/tazpanel file. It is just a symlink to /usr/bin/tazpanel and you can create one whenever you want. Edit /etc/rcS.conf and change the following line:

RUN_DAEMONS="dbus hald slim firewall httpd"
RUN_DAEMONS="dbus hald slim"

Open /etc/init.d/ and find the following lines:

# Start TazPanel
[ -x /usr/bin/tazpanel ] && tazpanel start

and comment out the second line.

You are done, use tazusb writefs to generate new rootfs. To start tazpanel http server manually run:

# tazpanel start

Along with these changes and things I tweaked before, my memory usage at SliTaz login is just 256 MB!

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