Photon+ EC156 on Ubuntu & Funbook

cool_penguin_smallI got the TATA Photon Plus device (EC156) that comes at Rs. 500 with Micromax Funbook today. I could get it working on Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) with the following procedure:

  1. Connect the device and select Edit Connections… from system tray Network Manager.
  2. Go to Mobile Broadband tab and click Add.
  3. The device should be automatically detected in the next window. Otherwise install modemmanager and ppp related software from synaptic, restart and start from step 1.
  4. Click Continue and select country (India). Continue.
  5. Select Tata Indiacom (Photon+). Continue.
  6. In next window check the selections and Apply.
  7. Edit the newly added connection.
  8. Go to Mobile Broadband tab. APN should be set already (#777). Set Username: internet, Password: password.

You are ready to roll.

To use the TATA Photon Plus wizard pre-installed on the dongle, check this post.

To setup on Micromax Funbook:

  1. Connect the dongle using the USB converter cable. Go to Settings.
  2. Go to More… Turn off Airplane mode.
  3. Select Mobile networks.
  4. Set both Data enabled and Data roaming on.
  5. Select Access Point Names.
  6. The entry for TATA should be present already. Just tap on the small circle beside the entry to the right side to select it. It should be enabled showing a blue dot.

Open browser and browse. Enjoy!

PS: I am NOT the right person to help you with TATA Photon Plus purchasing. So please don’t post any queries on how to purchase or where to contact here. Call up the Photon Plus helpline.

PPS: Micromax seldom releases updates for their products. So rethink before purchasing their products.

26 thoughts on “Photon+ EC156 on Ubuntu & Funbook”

  1. Thanks a lot. I was able to configure Tata Photon on Ubuntu in less than a minute using the above instructions

    1. Hi Faiyaz,

      Please check for Photon Plus service centre near your area. Otherwise there are two other options to get the dongle as well. Check the small information tag that came with the Funbook.

  2. thanks arun for your help i have got the photon and it is working well with funbook THANX for your help

  3. I want to buy tata photone plus for my funbook but now i am in a city which is not having docomo 3g network (so what I do please tell me)

    1. I don’t think anything can be done if the network is not there. You can buy the dongle at discounted price anyway. Call up the Photon Plus helpline.

  4. I have followed the above steps but I still am not able to connect. I get the connection name in the options but when click on it and try to connect it gets disconnected. Could you help me on this?

    1. The problem is that there is no button to issue a connect for the dongle. Try disconnecting your dongle. Switch to Airplane mode, and back to Normal mode. Then connect your device again. I do that when I connect to the internet. In my case I use WiFi mostly and am in Airplace mode. When I connect using the dongle I switch off Airplane mode and then connect my dongle.

  5. Same case with me. I don’t have any apns listed on my funbook either. How to go about adding tata photon plus

  6. VRY vry thanku … i bought new micromax dongle to connect internet in ubuntu ,, bt due to yr suggestion , i connected my tata photon + in just 10 seconds ,, again thanku ..

  7. hello.. i own hcl me u1 tablet pc.. can i use tata photon plus EC 156 to download apps aand browse internet?

    1. You can do anything if you can configure it. But I am not sure of the configuration steps. Google for the correct settings and give it a try.

  8. thanks, worked. my understanding is the different Photon’s tend to have different settings – very nice of you to post a picture 🙂 – the settings you mention definitely work for this model of the Photon – thanks very much.

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