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Write Linux device drivers


driversSome good tutorials on how to write Linux device drivers (some are old but good for concept-building nonetheless):

The Free Electrons LXR (Linux Cross Reference) for referring the kernel source. However, I prefer ctags and cscope for lengthy source-code browsing sessions.

11 thoughts on “Write Linux device drivers

  1. very good collection in one point ( like tar ) … this is very useful for all connecting with linux ….

  2. Thanks a lot Arun! that was really helpful!

  3. Hi, do you have any resources for writing a usb webcam driver? I have never written a driver before. Thanks.

  4. nice collection , last two days i went so many links i didn`t get satisfied with any link finally i got this link and went all the links at last i went to lfy ” Linux Device Driver Series ” it`s awesome actually am a subscribed user of lfy ;) but i did`t read that tutorials and i once again re-collected all the books now even i started and also completed 2 tutorials
    am really thanking to Arun……

  5. Great selection of references to embedded Linux development.


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