8 thoughts on “Boot SliTaz 4.0 the 3.0 way!”

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  2. Hi Arun, Great article. Just want to say that I did it a slightly different way using the Slitaz Installer in the TazPanel.

    1. Downloaded v4.0 of Slitaz and burnt to a CD-RW.
    2. Booted from CD with a 8GB USB stick attached.
    3. Once the CD was booted went into “Taz Panel” and selected “Install”
    4. Once the installer started used the default partitioning tool to create two 4GB partitions (a little overkill for a small distro I know).
    5. Continued the Install using SDC1 to install to and SDC2 as the “home” partition.
    6. Had the bootloader use SDC and it was done in about 4 minutes.
    7. Rebooted once finished and booted from the USB drive.
    8. Installed/Removed software and tweaked layout.

    Been running it that way on various systems for a few months now. Although I must admit I prefer your option of being on the command line; just offering an alternative to those who may be new and ‘scared’ to go anywhere near the command line.

    1. Thanks for your alternative approach! Pretty cool! 🙂
      In my opinion simplicity of usage is very important irrespective of user’s level of experience. If things can be done easily from GUI only then the OS can break out from being just the “geek’s OS”. Fortunately for us, all the modern Linux based OS -es are reaching there.

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