One of my best experiences: presenting at the LiMo Conference @Suwon, Samsung HQ

coffee_compPresenting my module at a design level for the LiMo Conference held in Samsung HQ 2 years ago had been one of my best socio-technical experiences so far. As a major part of the source code of the smartphone I was working on at that time was being open-sourced, we had to present the design and answer the questions raised by highly experienced architects from companies like LG, NEC, Panasonic, Vodafone, Wind River etc. I was going to present along with my colleague cum friend Mr. ChangSeok Oh. We were thrilled as well as afraid that we will mess up the whole thing. As always, hardworking Chang prepared the material with much care taking a long week and we started reviewing it. To my surprise, he based the presentation demonstrating the SMS Protocol whereas I was the Messaging Framework and MMS Protocol engineer. But then it was too late to go back and change everything. So we decided to present it without any change. I remember as we were moving towards the venue we kept talking about things other than the presentation. I was to fly back to India the next day. As we entered the hall the last presentation was still going on and our confidence was shook by the kind of questions asked at pure design level questioning everything from stability to flexibility to possible enhancements to plug-in adaptivity. And after sometime our boss Mr. Jinmin entered. Chang and I were exchanging nervous smiles. As our time came we went up the podium and within 10 minutes questions started flying in. We answered many, forgot some under the pressure and in one instance we took a long 2 minutes to answer a question while Chang was turning towards me away from the audience all the time trying to remember something. In some occasions Mr. Jinmin came into rescue. But in the end the general feedback on the presentation was very good. We met some of the architects and introduced ourselves. It was over and it felt great. Finally we left the podium in the evening satisfied and proud about the great experience we had.

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