Fringe (2008-): becoming ridiculous with each new episode

The X-Files is my all-time favourite TV series when it comes to the Sci-Fi genre. I started watching Fringe as a more polished follow-up up of The X-Files. John Noble is excellent as Walter Bishop and he is the only one pulling this series through. But I am tired of Anna Torv’s stereotype acting and Joshua Jackson’s total lack of acting skills. The latest episode I watched (S4E16) recurred on a previous episode and it is ridiculous that there wasn’t a single instance where it seems that Peter already knows that he was in his own timeline all along. In addition we have no knowledge whether he told that to Olivia or not. S4E15 wasted so much time on love-related age old theories and the theme was stolen from the movie Perfume. And dialogs had been so predictable all along the series, specially from Broyles. The series is becoming a pain in the rear to watch and a waste of time.

I am considering moving over to Breaking Bad which seems consistently good from the reviews. I loved the latest episode from BBT (S5E21). It was humorous and the guest appearance by Stephen Hawking was awesome (and no, I am not Sheldon Cooper :D)!

Update: Deleted the whole Fringe collection and no more time, bandwidth and space wastage by downloading newer episodes.

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