Removing the ras (syrup) from rôshogolla

coffee_compMany of my colleagues requested to bring back rôshogollas when I return from my vacation. Unfortunately I forgot that carrying any liquid (other than medicine and plain water) in flights is prohibited nowadays. My handbag failed to pass the screening and I was asked what I have in my bag. I was taken aback as I totally forgot about the liquid related rule. Besides I removed as much syrup as possible before packing the rôshogollas. After unpacking the security guy found the pack and I had to open it up and show him what was inside. He asked me to add an entry in his file and leave it. From his Hindi I could understand that he is a North-Indian. As I had to carry the heavy pack all the way from home to the airport I was desperate and I jokingly asked him – “Bhaiya, if, somehow I can somehow remove all the ras from it will it still remain rasgulla? Have you ever tasted anything like that in Kolkata? ;)”.

The guy smilingly thought for a while and finally let me go with the pack (after making an entry though) with a warning not to open it in the flight. Happily I left the security check and proceeded towards my gate.

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