Ubuntu 12.04 Beta is here!

Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) Beta is out! Gave it a trial run today from USB. Boot-up is faster and read that there are major enhancements in power management. Still Unity turns me off but liked the new HUD feature. Software center loads fast. May upgrade to this version if there is an way to get back to good old Gnome 2 environment on it. Compiz settings manager crashed twice when I tried to change the settings and the desktop because unusable once when the windows lost their menu bars. Rhythmbox integration is great but I don’t believe it can ever reach the quality of MPlayer/SMPlayer which come with numerous options to enhance every aspect multimedia experience. Kernel version in Beta is 3.2.7.

Update: Installed 12.04 Beta after some more testing. Working fine. Performance is good. Still minor glitches are there but hoping to get them fixed soon.

Did I mention that Firefox 11 and LibreOffice are blazing fast on 12.04? Nautilus did not improve so I started using Marlin, the successor of nautilus-elementary.

I have removed Empathy fully and installed Pidgin as I don’t do voice/video chat. The new Pidgin tray icon blinks on incoming messages, which was missing previously and is awesome. You won’t miss another friend pinging you.

Contrary to my previous opinion about Unity, after using it for 1 week I have got addicted to it, specially after I discovered what it has done with the “Windows” key!

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