An evening of mishaps

coffee_compAttended a colleague’s wedding reception yesterday. Had been one of my funniest and peculiar experiences till date.

Normally I am infernally unsocial and stay safe from any kind of social gatherings. But this time thought of going because the colleague is a Bengalee. Incapable of “cooking” anything other than maggi noodles I haven’t had Bengalee food or non-veg for a while now. Besides I have a junior colleague from UP who was also very much eager to visiting a South-Indian style marriage (the groom is local). Being a bachelor the prospect of good food was alluring for him as well. So mostly we dreamt of food the whole week before the reception.

He called me around 15:15 and I told him that I will catch the Volvo at 15:45 and call him before his stop comes. We also confirmed each other that we have both skipped lunch pretending to be busy in other work (though both knew we were saving space for a heavy dinner). I got ready by 15:40 and then found that I haven’t shaved; had to get ready once again after shaving. Caught the next Volvo and my colleague boarded after some time. We got down at Silk Board around 17:00 and discovered we were both hungry. Walked up the pavement for around 10 minutes and had juice and noodles at a roadside hotel.

We were to be given a lift by another colleague from Silk Board at 18:00 who arrived 1 hr 15 mins late. We started towards Hosur. After reaching our destination we found that the guy who had to bring the gift has forgotten it at home. So we went out once again to buy a bouquet. After a futile search we decided to gift a wall-clock instead and bought one.

We had to stand behind a long queue for gifting and it took around half an hr to reach the bridegroom. Once done, we headed straight for dinner. To our (me and my junior) astonishment we discovered that food is going to be South Indian and definitely no non-veg. That’s the time I swore to ignore any future invitations in South India. Being a Bengalee I had no idea an wedding treat could be veg! The same happened for my junior who is veg but not a South Indian veg. So we decided we will have dinner at a restaurant in Indiranagar on our way back. On our way out we were given a coconut each… probably as a consolation.

While driving back we missed a turn after Madiwala and ended up in outer ring road and drove all the way to Marathahalli. There we missed the bridge and went through the tunnel. At that time I had to call my wife and assure her we had a gala dinner :'( afraid of getting bullied on the spot. We drove up to ISRO premises for turning. Finally I reached home at 23:15 with a coconut in hand which they give at the exit while leaving a marriage here.

When I woke up in the morning today, still tired and hungry, the last evening seemed to be a nightmare to me. But I am sure the next time I will call up a restaurant for lavish food instead of heading to a wedding in South India.

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