The quota games

coffee_compAs soon as the polls approach, the political parties start making promises on increased quotas. It’s a shame that we claim India to be a secular nation in the legislation. Quotas are blind, even the kith and kin of the ministers can enjoy it. These promises show that the political parties merely treat the vote banks as ghetto masses with zero self-esteem. They ignore the fact that quotas are a way of dividing the people and increasing hatred, as good as the religious card. But who cares about the integrity of the nation? Votes and power are all that they care about!  Do quotas or prerogatives increase the standard of livelihood or the culture of people? Definitely no. Otherwise we wouldn’t have so many hooch deaths or honour killings in India. There are alternatives to quotas: ensuring food, free and mandatory minimum education, ensuring one job per family. But that would require the black money dumped in Swiss banks for a country deep under World Bank debts. So why play it the hard way? When something positive like the Lokepal bill comes to the Parliament all the parties make a mess of it. Considering Class C employees out of the Lokepal? Good lord! Visit a local BSNL or SBI branch and get disillusioned. The treatment and service are inferior to street corner pan shops. None of these political parties have a vision where the country will stand five years down the line. That can’t be expected when 58% of the candidates in a state election are crorepatis who have the money and muscle to let fly in an election and 38% are criminals. Why can’t we mandate a minimum education and clean background for the candidates, how can we risk people for charged candidates? Maybe benefits of doubt. But this is not a game of cricket; the nation suffers. When school children visit slums and clean them or distribute books there it becomes news in our country because it’s rare, countable and insufficient. I have never seen a political party do the same. For a country this large, trying to develop the minority classes by quotas is futile, it needs developing their social condition, giving them a will and confidence to come out of their small world.

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