The Wire (2002–2008) [TV Series]


Recently completed watching The Wire. It is an excellent TV series about the lives of people centred around the drug dealings in Baltimore, Maryland. Acting is top-notch. Throws a close insight into many areas like police investigation, apartheid, legal and judicial systems, drug-dealing, politics etc. I gave it a 10/10 rating on IMDB (rating is 9.6 on IMDB). The storyline is packed. Loved the numbers “The Fall” by Blake Leyh and “Way Down in the Hole” by Steve Earle.

Favourite character: The Bunk (played by Wendell Pierce)

Favourite quotes:

“Liar… black liar”  – a homeless and unstable man in police interrogation room. (Watch here)
“It’s a thin line ‘tween heaven and here.” – Bubbles
“A man must have a code.” – Bunk
“Come at the king, you best not miss.” – Omar
“If I hear music, I’m gonna dance.” – Greggs
“Business. Always business.” – The Greek
“Conscience do cost.” – Butchie
“Love the first day, man. Everybody all friendly an’ shit.” – Namond Brice
“No one wins. One side just loses more slowly.” – Prez
“You play in dirt, you get dirty.” – McNulty
“The Bigger the lie, the more they believe.” – Bunk
“Just ‘cause they’re in the street doesn’t mean that they lack opinions” – Haynes
[Find a list of all the opening quotes here.]

PS: The series is suitable strictly for 18+ audience only.

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