Social networking and India

coffee_compProsecution of social networking sites by the Indian government came as a surprise to me. If an idiot is given an axe and he chops off a limb with it, is the axe to blame? But this course of action unveiled a greater truth – Indians are irresponsible when it comes to freedom of speech. There is nothing great in social networking sites: a virtual grid which keeps people thinking they are doing something highly important. But Indians do have a taste for big fat illusions and promises! They get addicted soon enough and they misuse.

Instead of trying to erase the evidences of the nation’s e-social OOPS!es, the government should emphasize on building up a matured nation. We are far from model citizens.

I wonder, had Independence made us a better nation or reduced us to a huge, unruly, selfish and opportunist crowd? What’s the big deal in freedom when we neither know how to respect it nor to use it honestly?

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