My favourite Android apps

android_compHere’s a list of some good Android apps which I have used:

  • Color Wallpaper: Saves battery by setting just a colour as wallpaper. Numerous colours to choose from. [337 KB]
  • Droidfish: Extremely powerful chess engine with a beautiful interface. [2.0 MB]
  • FeedMe (Google Reader / RSS): Google Reader client. [265 KB]
  • Flipboard: Amazing news reader. Details here. [2.2 MB]
  • Floating Image: Aesthetic live wallpaper. Not a big fan of live wallpapers but this one is amazing. [948 KB]
  • Fo File Manager: A minimal file manager with the essential functionalities. [87 KB]
  • FTPServer: Ever need to exchange files between laptop and mobile? [76 KB]
    To connect use: # ftp IPADDRESS PORT
  • Gmail: The regular Gmail client from Google. [2.1 MB]
  • Google Gesture Search: Type in to search your mobile. [4.5 MB]
  • Hacker’s Keyboard: Can’t live without the regular keyboard! [1.7 MB]
  • JustReader: Great for reading Google Reader on tablets. [1.3 MB]
  • Kingsoft Office: Open/edit documents. Supports PDF viewing. [7.1 MB]
  • LauncherPro: Alternative for the stock launcher. [2.1 MB]
  • Maxthon Internet Browser: Powerful and fast browser. I use it for my tablet. [2.2 MB]
  • Mobialia Chess: Great app for FICS chess players. Only paid app in this list and worth the price. [3.8 MB]
  • MX Video Player: Plays most video formats. [4.6 MB]
  • NoLED: Missed notifications on screen. Didn’t want to touch my LEDs. [1.1 MB]
  • Page Turner: Excellent e-book reader for tablets. Ads are off on full-screen reading mode once you start reading. [2.2 MB]
  • Screen Filter: Lessen the minimum brightness supported by your device. [53 KB]
  • Share contacts via SMS: Send contact information via SMS or email. [21 KB]
  • Smooth Calendar: A widget showing Google calendar entries. [214 KB]
  • Wallpaper Wizardrii: Has numerous options to set an wallpaper like stretch, scale, resize etc. [601 KB]
  • Xabber: Gtalk client. [1.6 MB]

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