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bashstyle-ng: spice up bash (& more)

terminalWe visited several power prompts earlier but bashstyle-ng is much more than a fancier prompt. In addition to bash, it can also change the look and feel and behaviour of readline, vim, git and nano. Continue reading “bashstyle-ng: spice up bash (& more)”

rkhunter: detect rootkits

medical_compRootkits are a kind of malicious software which typically enable access to unauthorized users to a computer. It’s quite difficult to detect a rootkit as it may be able to subvert the software that is intended to find it. rkhunter (Rootkit Hunter) is a Linux utility to detect rootkits (and other system problems). Continue reading “rkhunter: detect rootkits”

Memories of Murder [Salinui Chueok] (2003)

I had been longing to watch Memories of Murder for a while and finally made it during the weekend. It’s an intense thriller from South Korea and one of the best adaptations of crimes committed in real life. Continue reading “Memories of Murder [Salinui Chueok] (2003)”

Tracker: desktop search for Linux


Tracker is a desktop search utility like Recoll. However, it is far lightweight and provides a number of cmdline utilities to work more closely with the search index or follow the indexing status. Continue reading “Tracker: desktop search for Linux”

Wanna learn Linux?

tux_compThere are several ways to master Linux. The important question is: how do you want to use it? An end user need not learn anything about the cmdline but if you want to be a Linux admin or a serious user who wants to reap the benefits of this extremely powerful and hackable OS, you might want to dive deeper. Here are a few ways to learn Linux, some fun, some not so much ;). Continue reading “Wanna learn Linux?”

CPU-X: know your processor

There are numerous tools to fetch hardware information on Linux (lshw, dmidecode, hwinfo, i-Nex, i7z, inxi…). CPU-X is a new tool that specializes on gathering processor and motherboard information. Continue reading “CPU-X: know your processor”

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