how2heap: learn heap exploitation

hacker_compMany of the deadliest hacks and malware use stack and heap exploitation techniques to gain privileged access to a computer or destroy everything on the disk. If you are a budding white hat hacker or the developer of an industry-grade software, you must learn how they work and the techniques to counter those issues. how2heap is a collection of C programs which explain the working principles behind heap attacks. Continue reading how2heap: learn heap exploitation

Make Android & Ubuntu talk over adb

android_compubuntu_logo_81x81A regular Ubuntu user might have faced this situation: connect an Android smartphone to the laptop over micro USB to find even the battery is not charging! Things look so simpler on Windows: the phone get charged, phone storage is accessible and what not? What’s wrong with Ubuntu??? Honestly, nothing! All of this is possible on Ubuntu as well. We will explore how in this article. Continue reading Make Android & Ubuntu talk over adb

Introducing dslib: academic data structures library

hacker_compWhen I was studying Computer Science in an engineering institution in India 15 years earlier, there weren’t too many resources to check out. Lab computers were shared in tiny slots. They were tortoises compared to today’s regular smartphones. We accessed internet on a 64Kbps modem. Most of the academic subjects were studied by referring the text and a little bit of hands-on development. For many students, these didn’t reflect well on their careers. Continue reading Introducing dslib: academic data structures library

Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition brings convergence


The wait is over! Canonical has announced the BQ Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition tablet a few hours back delivering on its long-awaited promise of convergence! The device is powered by a MediaTek Quad Core processor. When you connect it to a larger screen (your TV, for example), you get to enjoy the Ubuntu desktop edition. Canonical also states this is just the first device in the convergent series, there’s more to come. Continue reading Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition brings convergence

metastore: backup filesystem metadata

diskLet’s say you moved a directory of files from Linux to your FAT32 pen drive temporarily. The ownership, permissions etc. of the contents would be lost. What if you want to retain them along with the data? metastore is another useful tool than can be added to our list of filesystem metadata backup utilities. Continue reading metastore: backup filesystem metadata

megatools: from cmdline

megaMega was one of the first services to offer GBs of cloud storage for free. Despite our early reservations about the service it seems Mega is doing is quite well and developing an ecosystem of several add-on features like cloud storage, messaging, audio/video chat etc. The security seems pretty sound too. Recently the team has released a number of cmdline utilities to manage Mega cloud storage including direct media streaming support. Continue reading megatools: from cmdline