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Mr. Robot (2015-)

Despite the omnipresent nature of the IT industry, there aren’t too many TV series or programs which take a close look at the software industry or the people involved in it. We reviewed Silicon Valley in an earlier article. While Silicon Valley dwells in the nature of the IT industry and how the lives of the engineers are,Continue Reading →

zram: speed up old computers

tux_compModern devices have GBs of RAM and swapping is not very common without running lots of applications together. But what if you have a older device with 512MB or less RAM? You’ll see a lot of data being swapped in and out of your hard disk swap partition. Hard disks are much slower than RAM and thus swapping enables you to use virtual memory at the cost of performance.Continue Reading →

Wrong passwords take longer to verify

cool_penguin_smallDid you ever notice that when you enter a wrong login password to your system, it takes longer to verify? Doesn’t it seem an anomaly because verifying a correct password would mean all the characters match while in case of a wrong password only in the worst case the last character entered would fail to match, other attempts should fail earlier?Continue Reading →

Grab openSUSE Leap milestone 1

suse_compLeap 42.1 is an under-development openSUSE flavour cooked from the SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLE) source code. If you haven’t heard already, this is not the only flavour for openSUSE going forward. Tumbleweed complements Leap. Tumbleweed is about bleeding edge while Leap is about stability.Continue Reading →

Firefox embraces Gtk+3

firefoxYes, it’s the same Firefox using which I am writing this article. Firefox nightlies for Linux from Jul 23, 2015 are compiled with Gtk+3. Firefox 42 can be expected to have Gtk+3 on release.Continue Reading →

Ahalya (2015)

Ahalya is a 14-minute¬†suspense¬†short from director Sujoy Ghosh. The characters names are loosely based on a tale from The Ramayana, the Hindu epic from India. However, there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. A review would have spoiled the entertainment so I decided to link the video directly. Watch it yourself!Continue Reading →

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